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It’s all a bit much, isn’t it? Take a breather – we’ve got you sorted.

Healthcare Recruitment

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Elderly Care: Dementia Care

Registered Nurse

Bitterne, Hampshire, England


£48k - 52.9k per year

Registered Nurse ( RGN / RMN / RNLD ) - Luxury Nursing Home - 71 Residents Location: Southampton, Hampshire Salary:£18.42 to £21.20 per hour depending...
Elderly Care: Dementia Care

Registered Nurse – Nursing Home

Lowestoft, Suffolk, England


£60k per year

Registered Nurse ( RGN / RMN / RNLD ) - Luxury Nursing Home - 53 Residents Location:   Lowestoft, Suffolk  Salary: up to Up to...
Elderly Care: Dementia Care

Registered Nurse – Nursing Home

Wroxham, Norfolk, England


£51.2k per year

Registered Nurse -  ( RGN / RMN / RNLD ) - Nursing Home - 61 residents  Location:   Wroxham, Norfolk Salary: £20.50 (up to...
Elderly Care: Dementia Care

Registered Nurse

Essex, England


£53.9k per year

Registered Nurse -  ( RGN / RMN / RNLD ) - Nursing Home - 45 residents  Location:   Leiston, Ipswich  Salary: £22.00 (up to £54,912 per...
Elderly Care: Elderly Care

Registered Nurse – Nursing Home

Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales


£43.4k per year

Registered Nurse ( RGN / RMN / RNLD ) - Nursing Home - 45 Residents Location:  Aberdare, Wales Salary: £19 per hour (up to...
Elderly Care: Dementia Care

Clinical Lead

South Benfleet, Essex, England


£50,267 - 52,669 per year

Clinical Lead Nurse ( RGN / RMN / RNLD ) - Benfleet Essex Location: Benfleet, Essex Position: Clinical Lead Manager RGN /...

Clients? We’re all in and ready to go.

Sick of getting the same CVs and hollow promises from recruitment agencies? We’re not here to chase commissions. We’re driven by our core values, providing genuine solutions to the healthcare talent shortage. We’re all focus – without the fluff.

Candidates? We’re in your corner.

Think of us as your career’s new BFF, helping you make sure your next career move is the right one. With research-backed guidance and tough love (only when you need it), we’ll work with you, person to person, to find a healthcare role where you’re truly valued.

Quality healthcare begins with quality staffing

Offering valuable insights and education, we help you confidently navigate the competitive healthcare landscape while putting you first, because we care about people who care.

Elderly Care

Finding the right caregivers is tough. Appoint Healthcare's got your back, solving staffing issues, cutting costs, and enhancing dignity in elderly care.

Specialist Care

Specialist care needs specialist recruiting. We connect you with skilled professionals that truly align with your mission, all while keeping a close eye on your budget.

Hospitals & Clinics

Tired of bouncing between agencies? We're your single point of contact, streamlining your process and building a strong healthcare team. We're on it!

Children's Services

Burnt out by the revolving door? High staff turnover can be a thing of the past with Appoint Healthcare. We're not just placing workers — we're building futures.

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our match-made method

Let us step in with our no-nonsense permanent healthcare and subscription services and you’ll soon be thinking, “Why didn’t we do this before?”

Real Talk

We don’t just thrust a job onto a candidate. We chat about what they really want in their next role. We’re all ears, listening intently. Our goal is to understand them, not make them say what we want to hear.

Role Showcase

After our chat, we’ll know if your role would be a hit for them. If it is, we shift into sell mode, putting your role in the spotlight. If it isn’t, we don't waste your time, we simply go for the next potential match.

True-fit Testing

We triple check their suitability, asking, testing, and even playing devil’s advocate. We challenge their commitment to see if they fight for your role, gauging if their interest is genuine and deep-rooted.

Perfect Match

When we introduce a candidate to you, we're confident they're a perfect fit for your company. They're eager for the interview, excited about the job, and ready to stay for the long haul.


Healthcare workers deserve the royal treatment, and we’re here to roll out the red carpet. So, whether you’re looking for your dream job or dream healthcare team, join us in turning smart staffing and career moves into celebratory dance moves.