Grab front-row seats...

…to hard-to-find healthcare talent with our retained model.

Finding great-fit permanent healthcare professionals isn’t just a pipe dream. With our retained recruitment solution, it’s our guarantee.

Retained Recruitment

So many recruitment agencies. So little time.

And still not getting results? Let’s change that.

We know you’re probably feeling a bit jaded working with multiple recruitment agencies who simply aren’t delivering what you need.

So let’s do things a little differently, shall we? With our retained recruitment model, we invest in your vacancy, we pour our energy into developing truly tailored strategies, gaining deep insights, and ensuring your healthcare hiring journey is backed by precision, every step of the way.

Great permanent healthcare matches don’t happen by chance. They’re the result of consistent, dedicated, and truly consultative recruitment work. To do this level of service, a contingent or PSL model doesn’t make business sense. Our ‘Retained’ model is our best solution for ensuring incredible talent comes your way, with all the focus and none of the fluff.

Why go with our “retained” healthcare recruitment model?

Our retained model gives us the space to go far beyond the “usual” by mapping out the market, headhunting the best, and even giving you the lowdown on competitors. Oh, and did we mention the psychometric testing we can do on candidates for you?
Confidence: Perfect for high-priority and senior roles, a retained agreement offers you the best chance to fill your vacancy with not just any candidate, but the most fitting one. Our testing and screening methods ensure it.

Assurance: Rest easy knowing that we look in every nook and cranny of the healthcare candidate market. Every candidate search is thorough, comprehensive, and exhaustive and every onboarding process meticulously managed until the job is done.

Intelligence: Stay ahead with regular reports and deep insights into account activity, what competitors are doing, and evolving market trends.

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We’ve our sleeves rolled up ready to go – just choose your adventure first.


Still struggling to let go of the old ways of doing things? We completely get it. We have solutions that are better suited to today's market AND cost less. But if this recruitment model is your comfort zone, let's talk!


Imagine being the star of the show – because with our exclusive service, that’s precisely how we treat you. Our full attention, dedicated resources, and relentless energy are all for you, ensuring we find your perfect match every time.


Think of this as us becoming part of your team. We'll dive deep into understanding exactly what you're looking for. Your goals? They're ours now. We're on this journey together, and we're committed to getting it right for you.


Need a solution for high-volume hires? Want your recruitment process to work like a dream? Our subscribe model gives you all the benefits of retained plus coaching to improve your recruitment function from the ground up!


No pressure. No sales pitches. Let’s have an honest chat about where you’re at with your healthcare recruitment needs and what we can do to help. Simply pop the date in the calendar and we’ll chat soon!