Exclusive healthcare recruitment

A mutual commitment that gets superior results (AND costs less!)

Did you know that most of our clients choose to work with us exclusively? With those savings, and those results – we can see why.


Let’s make this “exclusive”!

Whether for a single, high priority role or a volume project; by working with just us, we reward you by charging less and going way further in our efforts to enhance your hiring prospects.

No messing around with multiple agencies, all doing the same things and coming up with the same candidates. No empty promises, only results. Consider us your exclusive recruitment partners, ready to hear you out, roll up our sleeves, and get the job done.

Why go with our exclusive healthcare recruitment model?

Well… Our accountability increases to 100%. It’s all on us now. We pull out all the stops to get the job done. It becomes our top priority. And it’s now a mutual interest to get this done and dusted for you!

Quality: From tailored interviews to in-depth insight reporting, we make sure great matches become lasting relationships.

Access: Tap into our extensive network. We’re talking no-limits access to a diverse range of candidates that aren’t feasibly reachable under a contingent or PSL model, as well free flowing sector data and knowledge.

Consistency: With a designated account manager and our market leading ‘Hypercare’ kick-off process in place, we guarantee consistency in both your employer brand messaging and your customer experience, for as long as we work together.

Appoint Clients


We’ve our sleeves rolled up ready to go – just choose your adventure first.


Still struggling to let go of the old ways of doing things? We completely get it. We have solutions that are better suited to today's market AND cost less. But if this recruitment model is your comfort zone, let's talk!


Imagine being the star of the show – because with our exclusive service, that’s precisely how we treat you. Our full attention, dedicated resources, and relentless energy are all for you, ensuring we find your perfect match every time.


Think of this as us becoming part of your team. We'll dive deep into understanding exactly what you're looking for. Your goals? They're ours now. We're on this journey together, and we're committed to getting it right for you.


Need a solution for high-volume hires? Want your recruitment process to work like a dream? Our subscribe model gives you all the benefits of retained plus coaching to improve your recruitment function from the ground up!


No pressure. No sales pitches. Let’s have an honest chat about where you’re at with your healthcare recruitment needs and what we can do to help. Simply pop the date in the calendar and we’ll chat soon!